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Synopsis: ​Calamus is a journey through queer America past and present inspired by Walt Whitman’s collection of poems of the same name. After a young teen is kicked out of his home for being gay, he along with a transgender slam poet named Ford travel across America and through history attempting to find hope and acceptance. This show touches upon issues of LGBTQ identity, youth homelessness, intersectionality, queer erasure, love, heartbreak, and friendship.
Themes: LGBTQ+, Americana, History, Identity
Running Time: Approx. 120 minutes
Cast: 5 main, 3+ ensemble
Notes: Calamus will be developed as part of The Custom Made Theater Company’s 2018 Undiscovered Works Program.

Rehearsal shot before the first staged reading at The Custom Made Theater



Synopsis: The ​Little ​White ​Man ​Means ​Go ​is ​a ​wacky, ​absurd comedy ​that ​follows ​college ​ friends ​Theo, ​Laura, ​and ​Deena ​as ​they ​navigate ​city-living. ​But ​this ​is ​no ​normal ​city, ​not ​with ​a ​goldfish ​with ​dreams ​of ​the ​stage, ​an information ​succubus ​trying ​to ​break ​through ​the ​glass ​ceiling, ​an agoraphobic neighbor with a penchant for kink parties, and ​a ​mysterious baby! ​As ​Theo, ​Laura, ​and ​Deena ​all ​try ​to ​make ​sense ​of ​the ​world ​around ​them, normality ​continues ​to ​fracture ​until ​not ​even they can tell whether they’re in real life or just another performance art piece from Deena’s museum.
Themes: Comedy, Absurd, LGBTQ+, Entertainment, Friendship, Youth, Dating
Running Time: Approx. 45 minutes
Cast: 6 main (5 with double casting), 2-4 ensemble
Notes: The Little White Man Means Go was featured in the 2017 Harvard Playwrights Festival.

Left to Right: Julia Belanove (Laura) and Harry Newman-Plotnick (Theo)